End Domestic Violence : #PassItOn Charleston

It’s HERE! It’s FINALLY HERE!! Help the YWCA Charleston raise $10,000 courtesy of The Allstate Foundation.
1. Log-on to http://www.purplepurse.com
2. Enter the registration code 01295 & your zip code

YOU CAN LOG ON EVERYDAY OR MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY!!! To learn more about how you can help and to see who is on board to #PassItOn be sure to follow YWCA Charleston on Twitter and on Facebook!


The YWCA Charleston has been selected to participate in The Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse program this year! Only 30 YWCA associations were selected to participate across the U.S. This October, Purple Purse will be even bigger, since we’ve more than doubled the number of YWCA partners and raised the total donation goal to $350,000 for the national network of YWCAs! With your help in 2013, Purple Purse will get more people talking about domestic violence than ever before.

Here’s how the program will work: during Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, custom-designed purple purses will be distributed with information cards inside, driving people to PurplePurse.com so they can arm themselves with tools to spread the word about domestic violence. The goal is to pass along each purple purse to family and friends throughout the country, sparking life-changing conversations along the way. In addition, digital purses can also be passed to raise money and awareness at Facebook.com/PurplePurse and on PurplePurse.com.

As one of 30 local YWCAs selected, we have received 10 physical purses to pass throughout our community. Starting September 23 and continuing throughout October, every time our purple purse is checked in at PurplePurse.com, The Allstate Foundation will donate $5 to our local YWCA, giving our organization funding to support our critical programs aimed at helping domestic violence survivors and stopping the cycle of abuse.

If we’re able to pass our purses a total of 1,000 times, we’ll double our donation and our YWCA will earn a total of $10,000.