Flag on the Play – Love Ain’t No Game

He’s cute. He gives me attention. Sometimes he raises his voice to me and calls me names, but he always apologizes and tells me he doesn’t mean it. He tells me he needs me. He gets jealous a lot but that just means he cares. I mean, after all, he is cute.

I know. I’ve been there. Oh, what I wish I would’ve been concerned about then….


The following is from Proverbs 31 Ministries “Everyday Life” Radio Show with Lysa TerKeurst. For more, visit http://proverbs31.org/blog/the-red-flags-in-dating/


 A group of teenage girls were recently asked if they would date a boy simply because he was good-looking.

Most said yes, they would date someone on good looks alone. My friend who was asking the question asked another, “But what do you know about him?” The silence made her point.

She then talked with the girls about 5 red flags to look for before entering a dating or courting relationship with a guy.

Does he lose his temper frequently? Does he consider himself a failure and seem to be looking for a rescuer? Has there been abuse in his home? Does he often put you down or disrespect you? And, does he appear to be jealous, controlling, or need to spend all his free time with you?

I thought these questions could help everyone avoid getting into a situation that could lead to heartache!


With so many negative societal influences telling boys that it’s okay to objectify women and telling girls that it’s okay to be treated as less than, it is so vitally important to make boys and girls aware, often at very young ages, what is and what isn’t acceptable in terms of treatment of the opposite sex—in relationships and in life. 

Love is not a game but we should be making the rules. If you are raising children or involved in a child’s life, please teach (by instruction and example) your sons how to treat a lady and your daughters what it’s like to be treated like queens.

Be the example. Set the standard. Stop the cycle of domestic violence.


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